Fairy Compacts

Cover art by C. Bernard
When Aeron heard the summons from the mortal realm, he couldn't resist. The voice, the one that had been echoing through his dreams since he was just a boy, the one everyone thought meant he was going mad just like his mother, was real. And it was mortal.

Aeron stepped through the tear in the worldfabric to meet his destiny. Instead, he found a shy young forest-priest with halting speech and a ridiculous smile--who claimed to know absolutely nothing about why his voice had been stuck in Aeron's head for decades. Not to mention why they both have the strange feeling they've been bound, somehow, for a very long time.

Fairy Compacts is the story of two men, one fae, one mortal, who share a terrible history of which neither is aware. Whether or not their budding affection for one another can overcome the shock of finding out the truth, only time will tell. But this is for certain: one should never make fairy compacts.

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Fairy Compacts #2: Life as a Fairy Thrall
Cover art by Ruxandra Lache
Before Tammas and Aeron have time to adjust to their new situation, Kamala brings trouble to their door. Firez, her nephew and Tam's old school-friend--and very nearly more--has lost his sister to fairy kidnapping. He can't get her back without fae help.

Aeron agrees to help find her, but only if Firez will make a compact: if they manage to save his sister from life as an unwilling fairy thrall, he must give them something they want. So begins a clever, dangerous charade calculated to trick some of the highest, most devious nobles of the Faerie Court. But if Tam doesn't get out of Faerie intact, a compact won't do him, or Aeron, much good at all.

Fairy Thrall contains internal illustrations by Ruxandra Lache. It will be available for free in early August to those who contributed to the For Raven campaign, and for sale to all on September 1, 2012.

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Fairy Compacts #3: Fairy Bound
The final chapter, coming soon!


scatteredthoughtsandroguewords said...

Love this, Katey! I can't wait for the first one to begin. That cover is come kind of wonderful!

Heather said...

I just read the Danger's of Fairy Compacts, as recommended by Megan Derr, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'll definitely be watching for the sequals. :D

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the first two waiting for the last one!

Katey said...

The last one is priority one for me right now! ♥