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The Mistell
A contemporary mlm romance about gamers

Pete’s an Art History TA who loves MMORPGs, Pop Art, and getting screwed. Samir’s a shy MBA student in the same gaming guild. When a guild-mate makes an embarrassing sexual mistell—a message sent to everyone when it was meant for her lover alone—it cracks the two guys up… and gives them an excuse to get to know each other. Pete’s love life is complicated, and so’s Samir’s home life, but there’s definitely something between them they both want to explore. If they can communicate with a minimum of mistells, themselves.

The Mistell is a free, gay contemporary romance, produced as a thank you to everyone who’s joined my mailing list, Katey Hawthorne’s Somethingorothers. It’s not suitable for readers under 18. 

A wlw romance about magic shoes and modern elves

Frida Aelfling and her siblings run the family's business in the bustling metropolis of New Galdir. Aelfwear provides not only an overnight couture shoemaking service, but imbue their wares with elf-magic and personalized glamours. They work inexplicably faster than most elves, though, and that makes them a target for unscrupulous corporate types who want to dissect and exploit their work.

One such was Morgan van Regering. To add insult to injury, his bride-to-be, Angelique Constantin is coming to Aelfwear for shoes for their lavish society engagement party. At first, she and Frida clash, but then they find common cause. Frida employs her elf shoe magic in making couture the fastidious Van Regering will hate, all while Angie turns her efforts to annoying him in every other way possible.

It could end up being a lucrative business proposition for Angie and Frida--with some love in the bargain, if Frida can stow the paranoia.

Aelfwear is suitable for all ages, apart from the odd swear word here and there.

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Dylan Woodhouse thought he'd be with his high school sweetheart forever--they had the dog, the house, the white picket fence, everything. And then one day, Eamon up and left him, and Dylan had no idea how to start again.

That is, until Eli Quan, a hottie tattoo artist and part time roadie walks up to him at a rock show one night and sweeps him off his feet. But Eli has a secret, one hinted at by the dragon tattoo on his arm, one he can't tell until the time is right. Eli knows they're meant to be together, but it's a lot for Dylan to take in.

Time to find out what a soul mate really is. Dragon style.

Warnings and disclaimers:
This is an erotic romance novelette of an urban fantasy nature. It involves shifters, explicit sex, and an m/m pairing.

Pick up your free copy of Moondrop in mobi, pdf, or epub format from the MM Group's website here.

The Dangers of Fairy Compacts

A free fantasy novelette about a fairy and a mortal who share a strange bond. This story began as a promp from the MM Goodreads group and grew into a full on trilogy! Check out the Fairy Compacts Page for download options for the first book, which is self-contained and entirely free, forever.

Warnings and disclaimers:
This is an erotic romance novelette of a fantastic nature. It involves magic, explicit wingsex, and an m/m pairing. If any of that offends, now's the time to back away slowly. (Also, odds are good you've somehow wandered into the wrong corner of the internet. Yikes!)

Superpowered Love Shorts

These are short stories that happen after the events of various Superpowered Love books. They can be read on their own, but are probably more fun with the books!

~Book 4: Losing Better~

4.1 "Caped Crusader"

One year after Losing Better, Andrew and Gabriel are throwing a Halloween party on their dock. They've even got the perfect costumes: Dracula and Jonathan Harker, the couple that should've been. 

Alas that evil never sleeps, and they have to do their superhero job regardless of how many guests are at their house bobbing for apples.

This title contains explicit content and isn't for readers under 18. This title contains spoilers for Losing Better, but only in the most obvious sense. It can be read as a stand-alone.

~Book 3: Nobody's Hero~

 3.1 "Grá Mo Chroí"

St. Patrick's Day used to be all about the Party for Kellan and Jamie Monday. A bottle of Powers; a case of Guinness; random relatives and friends dropping in in taxis to do shots and listen to Kelly's beloved Paddy Rock all night long. The clean-up would take days, but it was all worth it for their favorite holiday of the year.

Then along came the babies. Rory and Shea are the apple of their dads' eyes, the center of their world... but not really party-friendly. Jamie and Kelly haven't had a night out in six months, though, so Jamie's mother offers to take the teething twins for St. Pat's. 

Except she turns up sick on the day of, and it looks like the idea of a super-dad date isn't in the cards after all. Not unless one of them finds a way, anyhow...

This story is a free, fluffy short that takes place three years after Nobody's Hero.  It contains explicit m/m scenes and is not suitable for anyone under 18.

Cover art by Astro.

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~Book 2: Riot Boy~

2.1 "Willoughby Spit"

A free Superpowered Love short. Since the events of Riot Boy, Brady's been loving his quiet life in Pittsburgh with Etienne. He's also been writing songs for his band, Willoughby Spit--and people are starting to sit up and take notice. A golden tour opportunity could be right around the corner... if Brady can stop panicking. Rather, if Etienne can convince him to stop panicking.

This story takes place two years after Riot Boy, the week Re-entry Burn starts.
1. Some spoilers for Riot Boy, though it's entirely possible to read this short first, if you don't mind that. Hints for Re-entry Burn, but no spoilers there.
2. Contains explicit m/m scenes and references to Brady's favorite sugarkink: handcuffs. Therefore, not suitable for those under 18. Also contains a bratty temper tantrum or two. And Primanti sandwiches.

Get "Willoughby Spit" for free:
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~Book 1: Equilibrium~

1.1 "Jealousy: A Love Story"

When the latest addition to the Falls State soccer team starts eying Hansen, Sam's frustrated beyond belief -- and sanity. He tries his best to hide it, but there's only so much a guy can do. God help him if Hansen finds out about his jealousy.

A free, fluffy short story following the events of Equilibrium.

1. Minor spoilers for Equilibrium, particularly in the area of the HEA or not question. But the story stands alone, if you prefer to start with this as a sampler. Go for it!
2. This story contains superpowers, uncomfortable emotions, NC-17 m/m sex practices, and vegan cookies. It is not for children, vegan haters, or witch hunters.

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1.2 "Best Gift Ever"

Sam and Hansen have the lake house to themselves for the holidays and they're making the most of it. It'd be perfect -- if Sam didn't know Hansen has way more on his mind than he's willing to discuss. As in serious life choices.

All he can do is hold on tight and hope their first Christmas together won't be their last.

A free, fluffy short story following the events of Equilibrium. Cover art by Astro.

Warnings and disclaimers:
1. Minor spoilers for Equilibrium, particularly in the area of the HEA or not question. It also takes place after "Jealousy", another free short. But the story stands alone, if you prefer to start with this as a sampler. Go for it!
2. This story contains NC-17 m/m sex practices, holiday festivities, a large bottle of Jack Daniel's, and a T-shirt kink moment. It is not for children, humbugs, or those opposed to sugarkink.

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