Witchy Boys

A series of Halloween stories about, you guessed it, boys who wield magic... and are into other boys. Sexy, dirty, sometimes funny, a little bit scary, 
Witchy Boys 
come around in October! The perfect read to keep you warm on a fall evening.

Witchy Boys: The Complete Collection

This Witchy Boys omnibus contains all six sexy stories, perfect for dark, cold nights. Follow the adventures of Thackeray the demon-hunter and his witchy partner Matt through Præsidium, Tattoo You, and The Full Moon Husband. Visit an Appalachian folk-witch in Bourbon Barrel Blues, a medium trying to solve the mystery of a witch's hotel in Moonlight Motor Inn, and as for Blood Magic and the Mini Zombie Apocalypse... well, that title says it all.

Witchy Boys: The Complete Collection contains all stories from...

Cover by Natasha Snow Designs

Witchy Boys: Sexy Stories for Dark Nights 

Just in time for Halloween! Two novelettes about men with magic—and the occasional demon. 

Blood Magic and the Mini Zombie Apocalypse
Griff has a bad habit of getting talked into black magic he shouldn’t be using—but this time it’s even worse. His ex is bent on revenge in the form of a mini zombie apocalypse, and the only person who can help Griff is a hottie white magic practitioner named Blythe. The catch: one of Griff’s spells gone wrong left Blythe with a haunted apartment a year ago, and Blythe isn’t over it.

Still, Blythe agrees to work with Griff. As they unravel the ugly blood, sex, and death magic, they also discover surprising things about each other. Hopefully, it’s enough for the ultimate trust they’ll need to defeat a lot of zombies and a crazed witch, or their town will end up covered in corpses.

Six years ago, Thackeray agreed to let a demon haunt him in exchange for help hunting other demons. It's a lonely life, but worth it to be the best demon hunter possible -- to save families from the kind of evil that ruined his own childhood.

This Hallowe'en, Thackeray's dealing with an upstart coven. A powerful, pretty witch named Matt defects to help Thackeray stop their scheme to invite god-knows-what from the other side. 

Demons are much easier to fight than the urges Matt's flirting inspires. But Thackeray can't hook up with a demon watching over his shoulder... can he?

Cover by Natasha Snow Designs

Witchy Boys 2: Something Wicked, Something Hot

'Tis the season for spooky, sexy stories. Welcome to the second installment of Witchy Boys, containing two more novelettes about men with magic. 

Bourbon Barrel Blues
City boy and Post reporter Alex Sanchez is looking for the next hot story when he stumbles across word of Kentucky's Bourbon Barrel Witch. After a few bribes and a long trek through the woods, he finds his quarry, but Murph is not the witch he was expecting.

Young, fine, and dreaming of leading his brand of Appalachian witchcraft into the light, Murph agrees to let Alex write about him. assuming Alex can win his trust. With some magical homebrew for help, they make good progress both in and out of bed. But Alex isn't even sure he believes in magic, and they soon discover that bringing this story to the people might be more dangerous than they expected.

Tattoo You
A continuation of Matt and Thackeray's story from "Præsidium", "Tattoo You" picks up a year later. Thackeray is still hunting evil with the help of his demonic haunting, Seir—but now they have Matt's witchery to help them as well. The work is getting easier, but Matt and Thackeray's relationship is stunted by Seir's demon voyeurism.

A call for help comes from a well-known alchemist—the one who gave Thackeray his protective tattoo. The hunters race to Louisiana to help, but Seir's had about all he can take of this intolerable situation. Thack has the nagging feeling Matt might have, too. He'll have to navigate a demonic infestation and a relationship minefield to keep the man he loves, tonight.

Cover by Natasha Snow Designs

Witchy Boys 3: Full Moon Rising 

Moonlight Motor Inn

Adam Ha’s family has owned the Moonlight Motor Inn outside St. Paul for decades, but there’s always been something not-quite-right about it. When the paranormal activity sends his parents packing, Adam determines to stick around and get help to save the family business. He calls in Courtland Wendt, a trans man and physical medium who can get to the bottom of his haunting—he hopes.

Cranky Court is taken with Adam’s easy charm as much as with his dedication to his family, and the two can’t resist the electric connection between them for long. But they’ll have to solve an angry, dead witch’s murder before Adam can have his happily ever after at the Moonlight.

The Full Moon Husband

When Jacob Madison’s mother finally decides to retire, he moves back to Wheeling to run the family hardware store for her. The city hasn’t changed much, but an old friend from middle school, Harry Montgomery, has returned since Jacob’s been gone. The two renew their old friendship and flirt with the idea of something more, something a little hotter.

But Harry’s been through tragedy, and he can’t shake it off until he sets his ghosts free. Literally. Luckily, Jacob’s witchy family includes Matt Antonin and his boyfriend Thackeray, who just might have a fix.

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