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Your guide to all Katey Hawthorne's LGBTQIA romances. Books are grouped by series or theme here. Click an image for more information!

Superpowered Love 1: Equilibrium

Follow the lives and loves of the "awakened", people who have special abilities to control heat, cold, and electricity. Sometimes they're heroes, sometimes they're villains, sometimes they're just a coffee shop AU.


A bright-eyed mystery novelist--who happens to be pyrokinetic--meets a grumpy wolf-shifter PI. Sparks fly... and murders get solved. Explore the praeternatural world of Kanaan & Tilney!  (Link leads to a different site.)


The Golden City is famed for its nobles, all well-versed in the art of alchemy. Some of its lady inhabitants take issue with its strict patriarchy, however, and prefer their relationships queer. A historical fantasy world with Regency mores and a lot of trouble brewing.


Some people are more connected to the natural elements than others. Meet a few of them in these dreamy, magical realist romances. Now available in KU!

Witchy Boys

Find the Witchy Boys omnibus here--six short stories about magical dudes and the men they love. Now available on KU! Coming soon: Wolfy Girls.

Fairy Compacts

The fae and human worlds meet when Aeron and Tammas discover they were fated to be together. But the pact that binds them has an ugly past, so it'll take a lot of magic and work to build a beautiful future together. Now available in KU!

Stronger, Better, Faster, More

A clockwork magic tower fraught with peril (ace romance!); a friends-to-lovers superhero duo (trans romance!). More of the fantastic to come soon.

The Rise of Virginie

Queer, modern-day romance for everyone. Enemies-to-lovers wlw; small-town wanna-be rock star angst mlm; marriage of convenience fluff mlm. More on the way!

Open Season

Superpowered Love shorts abound, plus plenty of stand-alone stories to whet your appetite--and test drive me!

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